In search of maximum efficiency.

Our commitment to achieving a more sustainable world makes us continually strive to achieve maximum efficiency in all of our products.

Our solar pumps are designed to operate in a wide range of powers at high performance.

Adaptable to any situation.

We have managed to design solar pumps that adapt to any need.

They are perfect both for pumping with a lot of flow, as well as for situations of wells with a greater manometric height.

Controller for solar pumping.

Our controller has a system that cuts off the supply automatically when it detects that the tank is full.

In addition, it allows the input of alternating current, adapting to its use from a generator or directly for the company's electrical network.

Dry well protection.

At Acrosun we have developed the StopFlow system, which allows the pump to stop running if the well runs out of water. Its system allows not to use probe cables, facilitating installation and reducing costs.

Direct or Alternating Current.

With the same threads!

Only three wires are needed to run our pumps, two for power and ground. With the same connections we can supply the pump for direct or alternating current.

      Stainless steel body

Our solar pump is made of AISI 304 Stainless Steel.

      Wide voltage range

The operating range of the equipment is between the 60-380 Vdc and 90-240Vac ranges.


Inside the body of the motor we can find the electronic system that controls the operation of the pump.

In this way we facilitate its installation, improving the cooling of the equipment.

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